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Our Breeding Dogs

Jojo - our Stud

JoJo is our current stud.  He has champion lines and is the most handsome boy.  He is always very excited when he gets to meet new people.  He’s a loving lap dog who likes to stick close to his humans.

Jazmine aka "Jazz" RETIRED

Jazz is a beautiful pure black cocker spaniel.  She’s quite the diva who enjoys being brushed and pampered.  She has a very calm demeanor—nothing gets to this little girl.  She is a very loving and attentive mom to her babies.


Jewel is our newest addition to the pack.  While a beautiful light-colored buff, she has silver in her championship lines and has produced the most beautiful puppies.  She is playful and fun and loves giving kisses.

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Charlie is a buff-colored little boy.  He loves his chewies and likes to lounge around in the dog bed.  Nice calm disposition with a sprinkling of puppy playfulness thrown in.



Linus is a beautiful all black little guy.  He’s very active and playful, loves his toys.  Likes to snuggle into your neck the minute he’s picked up and really enjoys belly rubs.



We refer to Lucy as our little peanut.  She’s smaller than the rest of the Peanut Gang, but don’t let that fool you.  She’s a very playful yet loving puppy whose best friend is Sally.  She a very light-colored buff.



Sally is slightly darker than her best friend, Lucy and a little bigger.  She has the biggest, darkest, most soulful eyes.  She’s a very playful little love bug,

Peppermint Patty


Peppermint Patty loves attention and is constantly clamoring to be held.  She is a gorgeous golden colored buff, looks the most like her daddy.  She’s going to want to be someone’s constant companion.



Marcie is the biggest of the bunch and an absolute sweetheart.   She likes her cuddles and quiet time. She too will want to be someone’s companion.

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AKC Registered

September 19, 2023 Litter

JoJo and Jazzy had six babies we are referring to as our Peanut Gang!  Four girls and two boys, all healthy, playful and beautiful. Please note this is Jazzy’s final litter, she is officially retired now.



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